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Singleness of Purpose

Our son John walked through our front door three weeks ago here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and announced that we had a bird’s nest snuggled on the top of our welcome wreath. We ran to see with excitement and sure enough there was a nest with two sky blue eggs nestled in the beautifully woven nest sitting on the very top of the wreath!

We closed off all traffic in and out of the front door and waited to see nature take it’s course!

Two cardinals began making frequent trips to the nest spelling each other from taking turns sitting on the nest!

The nest was only a one bedroom affair but their builder did a marvelous job fitting the nest deep within the twigs that are part of the wreath.

Quite a remarkable architectural design indeed!

As expected, the other day two little Cardinals hatched and the proud parents are flying in and out of our doorway every 10 minutes or so with food in their beaks to feed the wide mouth  hungry babies ! I have been to visit many times and the parents do not seem to be bothered by the intrusion!

To date parents and babies are doing fine.  In Time we will have a room to rent when the babies mature and fly off leaving the nest empty!!!!  I don’t think the parents will remain in the nest—-Hope they return next year!!!

Go Cardinals



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