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Donkey’s Nature

Once there was a Gurukula in a village, Gurukula is a place were students will be allowed to serve the teacher and will also learn some of the good habits from their teacher. One fine morning the students were sitting under the tree facing the teacher and a donkey went crossing the tree with lot of unwashed clothes, the donkey is carrying the weight to the lake. This was noticed by the teacher, after sometime the donkey came back without any weight on his back.

Suddenly the teacher said, “live like a donkey!”. Students started laughing and they were asking, what is the reason. He said, “I was noticing the donkey sometime before it was carrying weights behind him, it was not so sad or feel
bad about his weight and after some time it came back dropping all the weights, but it was not so happy without weights, so try to be like that in your life. Don’t get more excited and flatter in success and don’t get depressed in failure, look forward and keep going. Be like a donkey”



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