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The Game

“Let’s try a game,” suggested Jessica to her friends. “We can always find any sort of game we want to play on the Internet,”replied her friend Emily. “But this game requires imagination, and you don’t need that for computer type games,” Jessica explained to her friend. I will start a story, and each one of you may add to it… That’s what the characters did in Little Women.” “Okay by me, I guess,” sighed Becky. “Since it’s your brain child, you can start first. If you Dare!.” “Once upon a time and not so very long ago,” began Jessica. “You aren’t going to tell us a fairy tale are you,” interrupted Becky. “For Gosh sakes, let her get started,” complained Emily. Neither one of her closet friends were known for their patience. Jessica was the only one to tell the story the other girls did not. “There was a young girl, (who I will call Roxanne) who wanted friends very badly because she did not have any. She was willing to do anything to win their friend ship. Since Roxanne was not very bright, she agreed to go shopping with Ronnie. Ronnie’s friend Connie knew her better and did not want to shopping. Once they reached the store in Shoreline, Ronnie told Roxanne to put some clothes under neath the clothes she was wearing. “Why did you tell me to ware baggy clothes,” asked Roxanne. “You will understand in a minute,” replied Ronnie. Roxanne may have a lot of things, but she was not a shop lifter! Suddenly a store detective told both of them,”Young ladies, you had better come with me!” The detective took both teen aged girls to the management’s office. “You both could end up in the Seattle Youth Center for shop lifting. You are both old enough to know better!” Ronnie, “I could care less. I am not afraid of anyone or anything,” she stated bluntly. All Roxanne could do was cry. “I have never done any thing like this before. I am so very sorry!” She was an honest girl who believed in speaking the truth. She bawled like a baby, but the poweres that Be felt sorry for her. Roxanne was about 16 at the time. She was afraid of the Seattle Youth Center, with a good reason. Because of her tears, both girls were let go. “Don’t either one of you ever set foot inside this store again! Or else you will be in big trouble..” “Don’t worry we won’t! Right, Ronnie,” agreed Roxanne. Latter after they reached the temporary receiving home, Ronnie called, Roxanne, “A Big cry baby!” “My tears got us out of trouble and the Seattle Youth Center!” shouted Roxanne angrily. “She’s right about one thing,” said Connie. “Roxanne, you are a complete fool to be fooled by Ronnie. Why do you think I did not go shopping with her? I know her for the type of trouble maker that she is.” Latter both Ronnie and Roxanne ended up at Ballard High School’s registration office. Roxanne was in a youth foster home for teen aged girls. Ronnie told Roxanne that she was living with a man. A few days latter Ronnie and one of her friends approached Roxanne with a new proposition. “Here’s Roxanne, the girl I told you about,” began Ronnie. “Roxanne, how would you like to sell smoked banana peels? “You have got to be joking, Ronnie, who on earth would want to buy smoked banana peels?” “You would be surprised, Roxanne. How about it? laughed Ronnie. “Listen Ronnie, you haven’t changed. You are still the same trouble maker that you have always been. I am not as stupid as I used to be. I no longer consider myself you’re friend and want to have nothing more to do with you!” “You are missing out on the chance of a life time,”Ronnie said as she and her new “friend” walked away. “I am not going to end up in the Seattle Youth Center because of You!

The first part of the story is purely fiction. The story itself is not. I was the teen aged girl, Roxanne. Ronnie’s first name was Veronica, and she was a trouble maker. However, I am a Christian and need to forgive Ronnie after all these years. I was not living the Christian walk myself in those days either. Does anybody know anybody like Ronnie or Roxanne?



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I was going through a very difficult time of my life in the latter part of the 1980's. I started writing poetry to help me with my problems, and to share my faith in Jesus Christ.

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