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Privacy Statement

This Privacy Policy applies to ALL visitors who come to the website. has built a reputation for honesty, integrity and respect with all individuals, especially those who visit this website. You can tell by the content, and purpose of, that we are dedicated to helping others, not hurting them.

Therefore, it is very important to note this Privacy Statement is directed to those who wish to use this site and its contents, and they must abide by these guidelines or risk losing their privileges here. has a fairly liberal policy of practices, but with strict enforcement. However, this policy may be updated, changed and re-posted in the future. will NEVER distribute private information or email addresses with outside companies. may collect information from visitors through the use of cookies, and as they sign up as users and subscribers to our ezine. The cookie data helps us determine which  topics are the most widely used. But, in respect of every individual’s privacy, we will never share or sell any information about our subscribers or visitors. is an ANTI-SPAM website

The web is saturated with less than moral and ethical people. Although strives to help change these persons for the better, it is obvious some will continue their ways of demeaning the purpose of the web… to communicate and inform. The most common misuse of the web is known as Spamming… emailing unsolicited, not requested, unwanted email to others (whether they know the recipients or not). No one enjoys being spammed, with either junk or bulk email if it comes from someone you don’t know or like.

In an age of harmful computer viruses, everyone is leery of their email contents. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly enforce a NO SPAMMING POLICY in regard to using In fact, it is always a good idea to check with recipients to be certain they don’t mind receiving these kinds of emails before sending them. If nothing else, it’s the right, courteous thing to do.

If anyone is proven to be guilty of spamming another person’s email, they will no longer be welcome at The spamming charge does not have to originate from, it can be for any other outside emails. But, once labeled a “spammer,” your privileges will be terminated.

You can trust with your Email address and those of your recipients

We will not use the Email address for direct marketing purposes, nor will we compile Email address to build mailing lists to sell to or share with other marketers. 

We will not share site demographics either. Such site information summaries are compiled via cookies, surveys, ezine subscriptions, etc., but do not include specifics on individuals. This info summarizes demographic trends on our site (ie: browsers used, geographic breakdowns, household incomes, etc.). We only intend to use this data to improve our website content and services. It may also be used to attract and contract with potential site advertisers and joint venture opportunities. does have an occasional Ezine or eLetter, which goes to highlight the newest designs at the site, along with a short, inspirational story or comment from the publisher. In exchange for using the eCard mailing services, we invite every visitor to register and subscrib for free. Of course, anyone can opt-out of receiving our ezine mailings at any time (see the ‘ezine opt-out’ section below).  Our subscribers’ contact information is only used to contact them. This information will never be sold or shared with anyone or any company, for any reason.

In addition, will soon provide fan forums, or blogs, and message boards for its users. This is to enhance the distribution of our visitors’ favorite quotes, Bible verses, etc. Plus, this will help us to secure the proper names and credits for those charged with making certain quotes (as most people know, many quotes are labelled as ‘Unknown’ until further advised). It’s imperative to remember that any information disclosed in these arenas will become public information, and everyone should exercise caution when disclosing personal information. We ask all individuals to participate responsibly. Anyone who posts to these forums and/or message boards should strive to preserve the privacy of others by only disclosing information about themselves that they understand will become public knowledge. offers privacy in Surveys and Feedback Forms

We will conduct surveys occasionally to ask our visitors and subscribers “how are we doing?” Of course, we expect to get a great deal of this info through our Feedback Form, but every now and then it’s necessary to get answers to more specific questions and considerations of future design. These surveys are used to identify site usage trends and other pertinent data in order to improve our site and better meet our users’ needs. Regardless of time or intent, personal information garnered via the Feedback Form or our surveys will remain private and confidential at all times. It will never be used without the written consent of the individual surveyed. is extremely serious about the rights of others

If there is any reasonable suspicion that an individual has not complied with our Terms of Service, such as using our site for harassment, SPAMMING, profanity, pornographic dissemination or any other illegal activity, may be forced to release accumulated information about this individual to legal, corporate or internet authorities.

Thank you for your interest and cooperation regarding our privacy policy. We sincerely hope you enjoy every minute of your browsing and Emailing at Please come again often and tell your friends about us.

Please use discretion when clicking on ad banners may use an outside ad company to display banner ads on this site. These ads may also contain cookies. While we use cookies in parts of our website, any cookies received with these banner ads are collected by the ad company, and we do not have access to this information. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the use of information gathered through clicking on banner ads, thus use discretion.